Monday, November 1, 2010

Good-bye, Uncle Herb

Sadly, I learned yesterday that Uncle Herb passed away.  It's been quite a while since I've seen him, but I have very fond memories of the times we got to spend with the Juno Pearces and my mother's "much older brother" as she would affectionately refer to Herb.

Herbert H. Pearce
- eldest son, big brother, husband, father, father-in-law, brother-in-law,
grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle and friend.

Herb, Bill, Gramps and baby Pat

The Pearce Brothers - Bill and Herb

The Pearce Family - Sandy, Jessie, Pat, Bill, Mark and Herb

Herb, Pat and Bill

Pat, Bill, Herb, baby Sandy and Gramps

The Pearce Kids - Herb, Pat, Bill and Sandy
The Pearce Men - Bill, Gramps and Herb

Herb and Pat

A few of my memories of Uncle Herb:
*  The Hot Sauce - Uncle Herb used to make his own hot sauce, well before it became the popular condiment it is today.  He would pluck his specially bred peppers, create his magic concoction and keep it in an old wine bottle at the ready for whatever meal.  Mama always used to say he had an "asbestos-lined stomach".  The hotter the better!
*  The Camper - While I never got to spend any time in the camper, it was an icon in the Juno Pearce family.  Many miles and many cool family trips.
*  The Map - A HUGE map of the US hung on their family room wall.  There were pretty colored pins marking all the places they visited, including Alaska 3 or 4 times.
*  The Hair - All the Pearce men had/have full heads of beautiful snow white hair!
*  The Pranks - Uncle Herb was a little more suttle than his siblings with his tom-foolery, but enjoyed getting one over on folks. 

We know you're at peace and that Mama, Grammie, Gramps, Aunt Cad and Uncle Cliff, Aunt Margaret and Uncle Bill George and others in the George-Pearce family were all at the Pearly Gates to welcome you.